Many people pursue plastic surgery when the way they look doesn’t match the way they feel. But for some individuals, this disconnect goes beyond loose skin or wrinkles. If your physical appearance doesn’t align with your true self, gender-affirming surgery can be a healing, transformative option. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Garza pairs compassion with expertise to ensure you get the results you want and the care you deserve. 

Dr. Garza

Meet Your Surgeon,
Rebecca Garza, M.D.

Dr. Garza is one of the most accomplished female board-certified plastic surgeons in Indiana and the Chicagoland area. She completed elite fellowship training and is active in several prestigious professional associations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery. She performs a full range of facial procedures, as well as breast enhancement and body contouring, all tailored to your personal needs.

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Credentials You Can Trust

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Your Options 

Top Surgery 

Masculinizing top surgery involves the removal of breast tissue and excess skin to create a flatter chest profile. The nipple-areola complex may also be resized and repositioned to achieve a more masculine or gender-neutral appearance. For MTF transitions, Dr. Garza also offers chest feminization surgery. 

Body Contouring 

Body contouring surgeries, such as liposuction or an abdominoplasty(tummy tuck), can help individuals feel more comfortable and aligned with their gender identity. Fat transfer can also be used to modify the body shape, helping to create a more feminine silhouette or enhancing more masculine contours.

Our Gender Affirming Surgery Procedures

Although Dr. Garza’s office typically doesn’t accept insurance for these and other procedures, financing options through Alphaeon Credit® and CareCredit® are available.  

Trust a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
for Your Gender Affirming Surgery

If you are from Munster, Crown Point, or the surrounding areas and want to explore your gender-affirming options with a board-certified plastic surgeon, please request a consultation at our Schererville office, or call us at (219) 322-3131